Memorable Reception

Nestled in beautiful mountains and enchanted valleys, La Zoca di Strii (The Witch’s Peak), is an agriturismo in the middle of Valle d’Intelvi, in the town of Schignano, with an unforgettable view of Lake Como, Comacina Island and Balbianello Peninsula. From here you will enjoy the color

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Fabulous Scenery

Lake Como is blessed with a variety of beautiful landscapes, being surrounded by tall, wooded mountains, natural springs, harsh and impressive rocks, charming villages and magnificent mansions with gardens. There are breathtaking viewpoints scattered all throughout the lake and mountai

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Hug by Alps

Springtime is at hand. The first cowslips are now flourishing in the plains. The mountains still are covered by white snow, but, soon, the growing heat of the Sun will dissolve the snow of the fierce winter and will enable us to enjoy the seasonal return of all the flowers and fruits of the g

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The pearls of the Lake

Indeed, its superb location in between the two 'legs' of Como and Lecco and its mild climate year-round have enchanted the famous and the wealthy for centuries. In fact, we got to see one of the most amazing panoramas of the entire lake from the top of Villa Serbelloni's exquisite park.

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Immersed in Nature

The vegetation in the valleys of the Park is the result of the joint action of two fundamental ecological factors: the particular climate in the area and the geological substratum. High rainfall, relatively mil temperatures and a fairly limited temperature range all create an oceanic type of c

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Enjoy Comfort

Surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of the Prealps and Como Lake located in an really ancient dimension and nestled in the rolling hills and far

Taste Experience

The cuisine of Lombardy, of peasant origin, is in its simplicity and genuineness his strong point. The ingredients, "poor" but of excellent quality,

The Farm

The farm grows most of vegetables directly, raises horses and donkeys, goats and kids, sheep and lambs, chickens, rabbits, pigs and calves. It's possi

Lovely Routes

Argegno is a lovely little village on the west side of the lake and is situated on the Regina road at the start of Val d’Intelvi with the river Tel

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The terraced, mountain villages of the Valle Intelvi and western Lake Como offer some of the best hiking and sightseeing in all of Italy. We start this tour with a few hours trip or along days near the power of Nature and landscape and beautiful Food Stops.


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Our kitchen offers traditional local dishes, not to mention our chef’s imaginative variations on these traditions. You can watch the preparation of our homemade luncheon meats, buchons of goat’s cheese, homemade chestnut flour pasta

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The exterior of the Farmhouse has been refinished in stone and one salon dedicated to dining is partly based on the original structure and partly cut from the living rock. Here you can dine while enjoying a panoramic view of the Lepontic Alps,










Wellness Project

The Farm

The farm grows most of vegetables directly, raises horses and donkeys, goats and kids, sheep and lam


Best Gourmet

Pizzoccheri della Valtellina!

The pasta’s origin lies in Valtellina, a part of the Lombardy region in northern Italy and while some people may immediately be intimidated by this recipe’s amount of butter and cheese, don’t be, it’s worth every bit of it: love at first sight

A word on the used ingredients. The traditional recipe calls for buckwheat pasta, which provides a completely different mouth feel than the conventional pasta we normally use and therefore is key for this dish. read more

Surroundings News



THE "ZOCA di STRII" farmhouse

WILL OPEN on April,11,2014





For the Tourist Season 2014 we will offer hospitality

through our farmhouse

as Bed and Breakfast


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Favorite Week-End

Besides being the most famous of the Italian lakes, Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has absolutely stunning views of the surrounding majestic mountains with their deep valleys running through them. The clear lake water is mesmerizing and varies in colour from light green to dark green/blue. On the rare occasion when the lake is still, it mirrors the magnificent scenery that surrounds it.Read More:

Between Lake and Valley

About Como Lake

Lake Como, Italy has all the ingredients to make for the perfect holiday.


Many small towns and villages surround Lake Como and it is recommended that you try to explore as many as you can whilst in the Lake Como area. It is recommend that you spend the mornings on the west side with the afternoons on the east side of the lake, that way you will always stay in the sun.If you are travelling by car please be careful as some of the roads are very narrow. read more:About Como Lake